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100% Compliance Guarantee! Save 5% Off - Use Code: LABOR
100% Compliance Guarantee! Save 5% Off - Use Code: LABOR

2020 Labor Law Updates

Labor Law Updates by State for 2021

Labor Laws are constantly changing and we know you want to keep up-to-date, that's why we stay on top of the game to bring you the latest updates. Are your posters compliant? Use this page to quickly view the latest State and Federal labor law updates and purchase your new poster today.

State Posting Effective Date Update
Rhode Island Minimum Wage 10-1-20
Maryland Equal Pay For Equal Work 10-1-20
Hawaii Minimum Wage 9-21-20
Hawaii Disability Compensation 9-21-20
Hawaii Dislocated Workers 9-21-20
Hawaii Employment Discrimination 9-21-20
Hawaii State OSHA 9-21-20
Hawaii Unemployment Insurance 9-21-20
New York Paid Family Leave 9-1-20
Maine Wage & Hour Act 9-1-20
Maine Regulation Of Employment 9-1-20
Nevada Rules To Be Observed 8-1-20
Colorado Anti-Discrimination 8-1-20
Illinois Safety & Public Health (Public Sector) 8-1-20
New Mexico Minimum Wage 8-1-20
New Mexico State OSHA 8-1-20
North Carolina State OSHA 8-1-20
North Carolina Wage & Hour Act 8-1-20
Oregon Equal Pay Act 8-1-20
Oregon Family Leave 8-1-20
Oregon Sick Time Law 8-1-20
Oregon State Medical Leave 8-1-20
Oregon Domestic Violence Protection Law 8-1-20
South Carolina Employment Discrimination 8-1-20
Virginia State OSHA 8-1-20
Virginia Workers Compensation 8-1-20
Colorado Colorado Workplace Public Health Rights: Paid Sick Leave, Whistleblowing & Personal Protective Equipment 7-1-20
Connecticut Colorado Workplace Public Health Rights: Paid Sick Leave, Whistleblowing & Personal Protective Equipment 7-1-20
Illinois VESSA 7-1-20
Illinois Day & Temporary Labor 7-1-20
Illinois Minimum Wage 7-1-20
Indiana Teen Work Hours 7-1-20
Nevada Minimum Wage & Daily Overtime Bulletin 7-1-20
New Mexico Discrimination (Human Rights Act) 7-1-20
New York State Minimum Wage (Tipped Employees) 7-1-20
Oregon State Minimum Wage 7-1-20
Oregon Breaks & Overtime (New Posting) 7-1-20
Virginia Human Rights Act (Discrimination) 7-1-20
Virginia Covenants Not To Compete (New Posting) 7-1-20
Wisconsin Business Closing/Mass Layoff 6-1-20
Wisconsin Minor Work Hours 6-1-20
Wisconsin Protection Against Honesty Testing 6-1-20
Wisconsin Fair Employment Law 6-1-20
Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Law 6-1-20
Wisconsin Bone Marrow and Organ Donation Act 6-1-20
Wisconsin Minimum Wage 6-1-20
Wisconsin Workers With Disabilities 6-1-20
Wisconsin Cessation of Healthcare Benefits 6-1-20
Wisconsin Protection For Healthcare Workers 6-1-20
New Jersey Worker Classification (New Posting) 5-1-20
Federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act 4-1-20
Indiana Teen Work Hours 4-1-20
Iowa State OSHA 4-1-20
Texas Texas Workforce Commission: Payday Notice + Unemployment Compensation 4-1-20
Colorado Colorado Overtime & Minimum Pay Standards (Minimum Wage) 3-1-20
DC DC Paid Leave 3-1-20
Florida State Minimum Wage 3-1-20
Maine Regulation of Employment 3-1-20
Michigan Unemployment Compensation 3-1-20
Mississippi Unemployment Compensation 3-1-20
South Dakota Reemployment Assistance Law 3-1-20
Puerto Rico Women's Bill of Rights 3-1-20
Utah Unemployment Compensation 3-1-20
Utah UOSH (State OSHA) 3-1-20
Alabama Unemployment Compensation Partials 2-1-20
Illinois ISERRA 2-1-20
Kentucky Child Labor 2-1-20
Kentucky State OSHA 2-1-20
Kentucky Wage Discrimination 2-1-20
Kentucky Wage & Hour Law 2-1-20
Ohio Fair Employment Law 2-1-20
Vermont Whistle Blower Protections 2-1-20
Vermont Minimum Wage 2-1-20
Virginia Earned Income Tax 2-1-20
Alaska State Minimum Wage 1-1-20
Arizona State Minimum Wage 1-1-20
Arkansas State Minimum Wage 1-1-20
California Discrimination & Harassment 1-1-20
California Family Care & Medical Leave and Pregnancy Disability Leave (CFRA) 1-1-20
California Sexual Harassment 1-1-20
California Transgender Rights in the Workplace 1-1-20
California Your Rights & Obligations as a Pregnant Employee 1-1-20
Connecticut State Minimum Wage 1-1-20
Delaware State Minimum Wage 1-1-20
District of Columbia State Minimum Wage 1-1-20
District of Columbia State Minimum Wage 1-1-20
Federal Contractor Minimum Wage 1-1-20
Illinois State Minimum Wage 1-1-20
Louisiana Earned Income Credit 1-1-20
Maine State Minimum Wage 1-1-20
Maine Workers Compensation 1-1-20
Minnesota State Minimum Wage 1-1-20
Missouri State Minimum Wage 1-1-20
Montana State Minimum Wage 1-1-2021
Nevada State OSHA 1-1-2021
New Mexico State Minimum Wage 1-1-2021
New York State Minimum Wage 1-1-20
New York Discrimination 1-1-20
Ohio State Minimum Wage 1-1-20
Oklahoma Workers Compensation 1-1-20
Oregon Workplace Accommodations 1-1-20
Vermont Workplace Accommodations 1-1-20
Washington Paid Family Leave 1-1-20
Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance 1-1-20