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2023 Labor Law Posters Are Now Shipping!
2023 Labor Law Posters Are Now Shipping!

IWC 02 - Personal Services Industry

SKU IWC2-27x40-ENG

“Personal Service Industry” means any industry, business or establishment operated for the purpose of rendering, directly or indirectly, any service, operation or process used or useful in the care, cleansing or beautification of the body, skin, nails, or hair, or in the enhancement of personal appearance or health, including but not limited to, beauty salons, schools of beauty culture offering beauty care to the public for a fee, barber shops, bath and massage parlors, physical conditioning, weight control salons, health clubs, and mortuaries.


  • Barbershops
  • Bath parlors
  • Beauty shops
  • Body building gymnasium, facility
  • Funeral parlors
  • Gymnasiums, body building
  • Health clubs
  • Massage parlors
  • Mortuaries
  • Physical conditioning centers
  • Sun tanning parlors
  • Weight control salons

The Industrial Welfare Commission was established to regulate wages, hours and working conditions in California. IWC wage orders must be posted by all employers in an area frequented by employees, where they may be easily read during the workday.