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2024 Labor Law Posters Now Available, Including Mandatory Updates, Click Here To Order!

OSHA Electrical PPE Requirements Fact Sheet

Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution: Electrical Protective Equipment Requirements
This fact sheet discusses electrical protective equipment requirements for work covered by OSHA’s revised Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution standards. Where these requirements apply, employers must provide the appropriate protective equipment at no cost to workers, train workers on its proper use, and ensure that their workers use it.

Key requirements include:
  • The use of rubber insulating equipment requires the following (specific requirements found in §1910.137 and §1926.97).
  • Outer protector gloves must generally be worn over Class 00 to 4 insulating gloves. (Insulating gloves may be used without outer protector gloves, but only under limited use conditions).
  • Electrical protective equipment must be periodically tested in accord with the test tables found in the standard(s).
  • Insulating equipment must be inspected for damage before each day’s use. Equipment found defective must be taken out-of-service until repaired and retested.
  • The employer must certify that this equipment has been tested. The certification must identify the equipment which passed the test, and the date tested. The only two acceptable ways of meeting this certification requirement are marking the information directly on the equipment, or entering the information in logs.
  • The employer must provide paid time for workers to conduct required testing and inspection of equipment.


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