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100% Compliance Guarantee! Save 5% Off - Use Code: LABOR
100% Compliance Guarantee! Save 5% Off - Use Code: LABOR

Polk County, Iowa Minimum Wage Ordinance Poster


The Polk County minimum hourly wage for all employees not exempted by State and Federal law shall be at least $8.75 as of April 1, 2017, $9.75 as of January 1, 2018, and $10.75 as of January 1, 2019. Further, the minimum wage then in effect beginning January 1, 2020 shall be increased by an amount corresponding to the previous calendar year’s increase (e.g., January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019), if any, in the Consumer Price Index for the Midwest region as published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor or its successor index. The adjusted Polk County hourly wage shall be announced by the Board of Supervisors by April 1 of each year and become effective beginning July 1, 2020 and each July 1 st, thereafter.

This laminated Iowa Polk County Minimum Wage poster has recent labor law postings that meet business requirements to protect employers from posting fines and employee disputes. Please post this poster in addition to your existing Iowa state & federal labor law posters. 

  • Language: Poster is in English
  • Poster Size: 11" x 17"
  • Front and back sides are laminated
  • Quality printing in full color
  • Attorney Approved
  • Made in USA
  • Poster content is guaranteed to be up-to-date