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2024 Labor Law Posters Now Available, Including Mandatory Updates, Click Here To Order!
2024 Labor Law Posters Now Available, Including Mandatory Updates, Click Here To Order!

IWC 12 - Motion Picture Industry

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“Motion Picture Industry” mean any industry, business or establishment operated for the purpose of motion picture or television film production, or primarily allied with theatrical or television, motion picture productions, including but not limited to motion pictures for entertainment, commercial, religious or educational purposes, whether made by film, tape, or otherwise.


  • Advertising films, production of
  • Casting bureaus, motion picture industry
  • Commercial motion picture production
  • Distribution of motion pictures to theaters or television
  • Educational motion pictures, production and distribution
  • Film, developing and printing, motion picture production
  • Film libraries, motion picture production
  • Film production, television
  • Films, advertising, production of
  • Libraries, film, motion picture production
  • Motion picture production, casting bureaus
  • Motion picture production, theatrical and non-theatrical (commercial, education, religious, etc.)
  • Motion picture, distribution to theaters and television
  • Non-theatrical motion picture production (commercial, education, religious, etc.)
  • Property or wardrobe rental, motion picture production
  • Religious motion picture production
  • Rental of property, wardrobe, motion picture production
  • Television advertising films (production)
  • Television film production
  • Theatrical motion picture production
  • TV advertising films (production)
  • TV film production
  • Video production companies producing tapes for industrial, training, or other purposes (but if reproducing the tapes, see Order 1)
  • Wardrobe or property rental, motion picture industry

The Industrial Welfare Commission was established to regulate wages, hours and working conditions in California. IWC wage orders must be posted by all employers in an area frequented by employees, where they may be easily read during the workday.