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IWC 07 - Mercantile Industry

SKU IWC7-27x40-ENG

“Mercantile Industry” means any industry, business, or establishment operated for the purpose of purchasing, selling or distributing goods or commodities at wholesale or retail; or for the purpose of renting goods or commodities.


  • Antique Stores, retail/wholesale
  • Auction houses
  • Building materials, retail/wholesale
  • Commodity agents and brokers
  • Commodity rentals
  • Costume rental
  • Flea markets
  • Florists, retail/wholesale
  • Gas stations (with or without car washes or garages)
  • Hardware stores, retail/wholesale
  • Ice cream stores, if no tables are provided for patrons’ use
  • Import-export, retail/wholesale
  • Irrigation systems (sales)
  • Mail order houses, retail/wholesale
  • Nurseries, horticultural (main purpose selling)
  • Optician (except manufacturer, see Order 1)
  • Rental of commodities and goods
  • Rental of equipment (except vehicles, see Order 9)
  • Retail stores
  • Telephone soliciting
  • Thrift shops
  • Wholesale houses

The Industrial Welfare Commission was established to regulate wages, hours and working conditions in California. IWC wage orders must be posted by all employers in an area frequented by employees, where they may be easily read during the workday.