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2024 Labor Law Posters Now Available, Including Mandatory Updates, Click Here To Order!

IWC 08 - Industries Handling Products After Harvest

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“Industries Handling Products After Harvest” means any industry, business or establishment operated for the purpose of grading, sorting, cleaning, drying, cooling, icing, dehydrating, cracking, shelling, candling, separating, slaughtering, picking, plucking, shucking, pasteurizing, fermenting, ripening, molding, or otherwise preparing any agricultural, horticultural, egg, poultry, meat, seafood, rabbit, or dairy product for distribution, and includes all the operations incidental thereto.


  • Beet sugar mills
  • Citrus and deciduous fruit packing
  • Cooperatives (farmers’) for warehousing, grading, packing, cooling, etc.
  • Cotton gins
  • Dairies (which process milk commercially)
  • Deciduous and citrus fruit packing
  • Dried fruit processing
  • Drying vegetables and fruit
  • Egg candling and packing
  • Egg processing
  • Feed mills (commercial)
  • Fresh vegetable and fruit packing
  • Fruit drying
  • Fruit (fresh) packing
  • Ice cream (made from whole milk as first processing)
  • Meat slaughtering (commercial packing house)
  • Nut hulling, cracking, shelling, sorting and hauling
  • Olive oil
  • Packing fresh vegetables and fruit
  • Packing plant, moving (operator brings rig into field, works on farmer’s crop on same basis as a commercial packing house)
  • Potato grading, sorting and bagging
  • Poultry processing, commercial packing house
  • Rice drying (commercial)
  • Sausage making (at point of first processing)
  • Slaughtering meat (commercial packing house)
  • Sugar (beet) mills
  • Sugar or syrup directly from sugar cane
  • Vegetable drying
  • Vegetables (fresh) packing

The Industrial Welfare Commission was established to regulate wages, hours and working conditions in California. IWC wage orders must be posted by all employers in an area frequented by employees, where they may be easily read during the workday.