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OSHA Confined Space Fact Sheet


Confined spaces are areas large enough for a worker to enter and perform work, have a limited or restricted means of entry or exit; and are not designed for continuous employee occupancy. The purpose of this Fatal Facts is to highlight the importance of identifying confined spaces in agricultural workplaces to prevent another fatality.

  • Evaluate all confined spaces to determine if they contain any actual or potential hazards.
  • Train workers to never enter a confined space before the hazards and the steps to address the hazards to provide for safe entry and exit have been identified.
  • Ensure workers review, understand, and follow the procedures before entering confined spaces and know how and when to exit. Ensure there is a safe means to enter and exit the space such as using ladders.
  • Consider chemical reactions that could occur based on the materials in the confined spaces, and potential byproducts that could create a hazardous atmosphere.


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