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2023 Labor Law Posters Are Now Shipping!
2023 Labor Law Posters Are Now Shipping!
The Importance of Displaying Labor Law Posters at Your Place of Business

The Importance of Displaying Labor Law Posters at Your Place of Business

With many businesses gradually reopening, new laws concerning Covid-19 have been in affect. It is important for you if you are an employer or employee to make sure you know what new laws your state, city, or county has passed and which guidelines you need to follow

For many employers, knowing which labor law posters to display can seem difficult and tedious. Especially for companies which have several locations in different states, cities, and counties. But these companies could be subject to large fines and other consequences if they fail to comply to the required posting policies. 

Employees can also take action against their employers if they are not made aware of their rights. A few recent examples of legal litigation by employees against their employers are as follows:

  • In 2014, Apple employees sued the company, claiming its rules prohibited workers from talking about the company’s labor conditions with one another.
  • In 2016, McDonald's agreed to pay $3.75 million to settle a lawsuit claiming it was liable for labor law violations by a California franchisee.
  • In March 2017, it was announced that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were settling a class-action wage theft lawsuit with their former interns. The interns stated they worked overtime without pay, didn’t receive proper breaks, which led to dehydration, and more.

Having current labor law posters displayed at your place of work will keep employees feeling comfortable and informed of their rights and company policies. 

This information provided on this website is meant to provide general information and does not constitute as legal/ medical advice.

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